Just yesterday, it was reported that Andrew Wiggins has yet to get vaccinated against COVID-19. If Wiggins were just your regular civilian, this wouldn't matter, however, due to the fact that Wiggins is playing for the Golden State Warriors, who are based in San Francisco, it is actually a factor that is imperative to his career.

You must be vaccinated in order to attend large indoor events within the city, which means Wiggins wouldn't be eligible to play any home games. The player was looking to get a religious exemption, although according to SF Gate, that's not going to happen. In a statement today, the San Francisco Department of Public Health revealed that it will not be granting an exemption towards Wiggins and that he will have to get the vaccine, otherwise, he will be ineligible for at least 41 games.

Andrew Wiggins

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"At large and mega indoor events, all patrons 12 and older must be vaccinated at this time," the statement explains. "Under the current order, if unvaccinated, they cannot enter indoor areas regardless of the reason they are unvaccinated and cannot test out of this requirement even if they have a medical or religious exemption. This same rule applies to performers and players employed by the host at large and mega indoor events who are covered by the vaccination requirements of the Health Order."

This will be an interesting situation to track over the coming weeks, especially since Wiggins is implicated in Ben Simmons trade rumors right now. It remains to be seen whether or not Wiggins will comply with the rules, although for now, it's clear that his back is against the wall.

Andrew Wiggins

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