2019 has undoubtedly been a wild year so far and the Jussie Smollett case is still one of the craziest stories. Although things have died down, Empire is still moving forward with their final series as they recover from having to deal with the disgraced actor. However, the loss of Jussie Smollett doesn't seem to be weighing on them that much. According to TMZEmpire set up shop at the exact same location where Smollett's alleged attack went down. 

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

FOX crew members from Empire were setting up a set for the show to film in Chicago, literally right next to where Jussie was allegedly attacked by the Osundairo brothers. On top of that, it's right next to Smollett's apartment on 300 block of East North Water Street in Chicago. It's unsure if this particular scene is meant to allude to the attack but there's no possible way the execs haven't clued in about the significance of the location. Maybe they'll end up speaking on the incident in some sort of way. We'll have to find out.

Jussie Smollett was eventually kicked out of the cast of Empire after police determined that he staged the attack. Although he was cleared of all charges, he's still facing a lawsuit from the city of Chicago who wants him to cough up some dough for the cost of the investigation.