In 1999, Eminem caught the mainstream's attention with the musical equivalent of a fishhook. Driven by an unapologetic desire to offend any and everybody, Slim Shady inauguration to the rap game was an immediate and bloody affair. From the opening proclamations of "My Name Is", in which an unsettling voice asks children if they like violence, to the simmering tension of album closer Still Don't Give A Fuck, Eminem's official studio debut is a nuanced and fascinating listen from start to finish. With production from Dr. Dre, The Bass Brothers, and Eminem himself, SSLP is blessed with a unique sense of cohesion; the beats are at once zany and hard, drawing inspiration from Em's old-school influences.

While The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show proved worthy successors, there are many who feel The Slim Shady LP is the quintessential Eminem project. The album features a complete showcase of Em's impressive toolkit. Bars on "My Name Is," "Just Don't Give A Fuck," and "Role Model." Storytelling on "As The World Turns," "Brain Damage," and "My Fault." Emotional range on "If I Had" and "Role Models." The album hit a few historical milestones, including the first officially released Bad Meets Evil collaboration and the beginning of Eminem and Dr. Dre's storied partnership.

Today, the project celebrates its nineteenth birthday. With such a vast and diverse tracklist, it's no surprise that the majority of the songs have developed their own cult followings. Therefore, we leave the question to you. Which Slim Shady LP track reigns supreme above all others?