Usually when an artist shares verified annotations on a Genius post, they're explaining a lyric, or giving insight into how a song was made. Eminem has certainly done this in the past, but today, possibly due to boredom, he decided to throw some jokes and random thoughts on a few of his songs, with a couple of simple explanations here and there.

On a his line "I Don't mean Stimpy's friend's bitch" from Bezerk, he chose to ride for the underrated 90s cartoon, Ren and Stimpy. "I feel like this show doesn’t get enough love. It was funny as fuck and gross at the same time," he wrote. Later on, he suggested that he's been recommended pun album titles for the duration of his career. "I don’t know why people have suggested I name my next album Empower or Empart…This has been said to me so many times over the years. If I were to name an album with such a stupid play on my name it obviously should be called Empanada…"

Read some of his comments below, and everything he's done to date, here.

Let me self-empower you<br> When you're down and they're tryin' to clown the fuck out of you<br> And you feel like you're runnin' out of fuel<br> I'll show you how to use doubt as fuel<br> Convert it to gunpowder too
― Eminem – Phenomenal
So sick I'm looking pale, wait that's my pigment
― Eminem – Berzerk
And I don't mean Stimpy's friend, bitch
― Eminem – Berzerk
So baby, make just like K-Fed and let yourself go, let yourself go
― Eminem – Berzerk
I can see why the fuck I disgust you<br> I must be allergic to failure, cause everytime I come close to it<br> I just sneeze but I just go atchoo then A-chieve!
― Eminem (Ft. Liz Rodrigues) – Survival
Yo, why does it always sound like I'm grabbing my nostrils?<br> Fuck that, I'll battle 'em all, I'll battle a mall<br> I’ll stand there and yell that at a wall<br> Until the mannequin dolls scatter and the inanimate objects<br> That I'm battering all shatter and fall
― Eminem – Shady XV