Elon Musk has been making headlines ever since Azealia Banks started ranting about him online. The situation got heated as the rapper shamelessly bashed the entrepreneur and his girlfriend Grimes. The latest revelations concerning the trio steer the ordeal into an unexpected direction.

The public has been circulating screenshots of text message conversations between Banks and Grimes. The images point to the rapper as the original poster. The screenshots are available after the jump.

The first portion of the leaked messages deals with Grimes thoughts about Elon Musk's family and his "made up" accent. The conversation turns lewd quite quickly when Grimes switched the subject by texting, "[h]e has a giant dick." Azealia seems shocked at first, but then questions the pop singer's assessment who then responds, "I guess I could measure it." 

Then Azealia points out that Grimes' small stature might be causing her to overestimate her boyfriend's size.

"lol but ur skinny ur coochie is probably tight everything probably feels big to you"

Grimes continues the virtual kiki by mentioning how open-minded he is before hitting her friend with the weirdest gossip: "like wow the russians want elon dead."


If these screenshots are genuine, Azealia Banks might be telling the truth about how Elon Musk is "better off" without Grimes since she's been spreading his business around. In a matter of a few minutes, Grimes revealed a LOT about her man.