It's unclear if J. Cole knew his first single of 2020, "Snow On Tha Bluff," would end up causing such a stir across social media. An intimate reflection seemingly penned in response to criticism from Noname, the track ultimately proved divisive, drawing equally passionate responses from two split camps. With one applauding his honesty and another accusing him of "finger-wagging" among other unflattering characteristics, Cole's latest served to complicate an already nuanced discourse. And for every Reason praising his songwriting ability, there's an Earl Sweatshirt standing unimpressed.

Taking to Twitter, the poetic lyricist voiced a few complaints about J. Cole's "Snow On Tha Bluff." "Lol before i get grouped in to anything let me state that first truth of many is that the shit was just corny," he writes. "It would b like on one of the nights following big floyds death if a white rapper (one that ppl like) made a "im uneducated on ur plight" track it just taste bad lol." 

Elaborating on his point, Earl retweeted a message highlighting the timing of Cole's release: "This argument aside. The timing of this is horrible especially on the heels of Oluwatoyin Salau being murdered, in part because black men refuse to just listen to black women." He also invited listeners to look inward, as Cole would be the first one to remove himself from any pedestal. "What if yall are mad at yourselves that you look to cole for more than he has to give?" he asks. "Bro just laid his cards down on the table "i went to college, i dont know stuff" and hes alot of n***s elected representative."

Check out Earl's reflections on J. Cole's new music below.