Throughout gaming history, Star Wars video games have been numerous in nature. Nostalgic selections like N64 cult classic "Shadows Of The Empire" have many older gamers looking back fondly, and the Knights Of The Old Republic series likely stands as the prime Star Wars gaming experience thus far. Even the modern-day Battlefront games are enjoyable returns to the classic world, albeit relatively shallow in terms of gameplay and replay value. Now, however, EA is looking to unveil a new single-player experience, the mysterious Jedi: Fallen Order.

Taking to Twitter to reveal the first teaser, EA will be revealing further information about the game during Star Wars Celebration on Saturday, April 13th. In the meantime, we're left with what we do know. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order takes place following the events of Order 66, during which the Clone Troopers turned on the Jedi order, leaving them blindsided and massacred. The game will find you taking control of a survivor, who must lay low a la Snoop Dogg circa Tha Last Meal

Gamers, keep an eye out for this one. While details are scarce, early reports indicate that we'll be seeing this one released before the end of the year. Expect plenty of lightsaber action to unfold, and if we're lucky, we'll see an offering worthy of picking up the torch from the KOTOR series. Such a conclusion would be a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.