Tom Brady is one of the more interesting people in all of sports and not just because he's great at what he does. The Patriots quarterback has a unique perspective on a plethora of issues, including his own salary. Last week, Brady hit up Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he discussed how he has a low salary compared to other quarterbacks in the league. For Brady, he'd rather take a pay cut to load up his team with talent. Not to mention, his wife Gisele Bundchen has a successful career of her own.

"I think the thing I've always felt for me in my life, winning has been a priority. And, my wife [Gisele] makes a lot of money," Brady explained.

Another power couple in the world of sports is Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union who were at the Met Gala last night. TMZ asked the two about what Brady had to say and both seemed to be quite impressed.

"Smart man," Union said simply.

"Very smart man," Wade answered back. "That's what I'm trying to get!" As Union walked away from the camera, Wade looked back and pointed at her as if to say that he's hoping she can become the breadwinner in the family.

Either way, it appears as though Brady's philosophy has made quite the impression.