Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard has gotten over his bitterness toward the Orlando Magic organization, but Magic fans clearly still feel some type of way about the former No. 1 overall pick. As seen in the footage embedded below, Howard received a villain's welcome when he checked in to Wednesday night's game at the Amway Center in Orlando.

Prior to the Lakers' 96-87 victory, Howard explained that he was finally able to get over the ill feelings he has carried with him since Orlando traded him to LA in 2012.

"I think it takes everybody a while to get over things, but time should heal wounds, and if not, got to let that s--- go," Howard said, per ESPN. "That's how -- I'm sorry -- that's how I look at it. I've let a lot of things go in my heart, things that have kind of held me down. Things that I had towards the Magic and just how the situation ended. How I was treated by the fans and stuff like that. But I had to let that bitterness go. There's no need to hold on to it. When I let it go, it just made my life a lot better. Just more free."

The veteran big man recorded two points, six rebounds, a steal and a block in his 18 minutes of action on Wednesday as the Lakers picked up their 12th straight win. Howard was also involved in a little on-court scuffle midway through the fourth quarter, but teammate Jared Dudley quickly came to his defense. 

Check out the footage below.