Dwayne Johnson has a new show contest show coming out. It's called The Titan Games and he hopes for it to be "the most epic and insane athletic competition ever devised." It looks like if you took American Ninja Warrior and tailored it for people like The Rock. In other words, make it more intense, make the contestants lift stuff. His rational behind starting the who: "I felt like if we could create a show that would reflect my own training philosophies and create a platform for these men and women to come here and really do incredible things and achieve greatness, then we might have a pretty cool show that people would love"

Johnson gave a tour of the set to a bubbly, beach-blonde Asutralian host from extraTwho asked him, barely able to contain her enthusiasm, who he'd want as a celebrity contestant on the show. Without skipping a beat, Johnson picked Kevin Hart, his longtime friend in private and joking enemy in public. He pointed around to all the obstacle of the show and said, of Hart, "he wouldn't be able to reach that one and he'd pee himself on that one and he'd faint on that one." Watch the video below, as well as a trailer for The Titan Games.