Dwayne Johnson has been on a serious grind throughout the year. He starred in numerous films and even teased the idea of running for president in 2020. While it's unsure if the latter will actually happen, his 2019 schedule already seems packed enough without campaigning. On Jan. 3rd, he'll be launching his new athletic competition on NBC, Titan Games. The trailer for the show was recently released, but he took to Instagram to explain how liquor helped him concoct the show's concept.

Dwayne Johnson hit Instagram to promote his upcoming show Titan Games which debuts on Jan. 3rd on NBC. The show, as Johnson described it, is "the most insane athletic competition ever devised." People from all over America will compete in the series which consists of all the workouts that The Rock has done to get to the physical level he's at now. He took to Instagram to reveal how he came up with the show.

"Funny this all started one night when my sippin’ tequila & crazy ideas collided," he wrote on Instagram with the show's trailer before breaking down the thought process behind coming up with the show's concept. 

Takes 1st sip: I got an idea. I wanna create the most insane athletic competition series EVER devised. 
Takes 2nd sip: Is a crazy idea like this even possible? 
Takes 3rd sip: You live in the world of possibilities, DJ. 
Takes 4th sip: I do, don’t I? 
Takes 5th sip: Yes, you do, handsome. 
Takes 6th sip with devilish smile😈: Let me make some calls. 

The show will premiere on NBC on Jan. 3rd. Keep your eyes peeled for that and peep the post below.