Dwayne Johnson joined the Fast and Furious franchise in 2011 as Agent Luke Hobbs. His presence overshadowed that of Vin Diesel and Tyrese, who starred alongside Paul Walker (who could never be outshined). Johnson became the face of the franchise, because audiences around the world just connect to the personable wrestler. Universal Pictures decided to go the Marvel Studios route and create an extended movie universe, and Johnson's character was the first to be given a spin-off film. Tyrese felt some type of way about Johnson, a relative newcomer to the series at the time, becoming the face of the franchise. Tyrese cited the fact that he felt Johnson took over the franchise and made it about himself, rather than focusing on the family theme that has presided over the series. The feud caused a rift in their work relationship, and Johnson sat down on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen and discussed the beef briefly.

When asked if he has spoken to his Fast and Furious franchise co-star, Johnson answered, "The answer is no. No, we haven’t talked at all." He continued on to admit he doesn't think a friendship with Tyrese is salvageable. “That whole thing with Tyrese, it was pretty disappointing because I’d been friends with Tyrese for a very long time. I always feel like a beef requires two people to actually jump in it. It was really one-sided, and he had voiced his opinion a lot on social media and apparently he was going through some stuff too in his personal life, but no, we haven’t talked and I don’t see where we would. To me, there’s no need to have a conversation.”