Dumbfoundead "형 (Hyung)" Video

Dumbfoundead drops a Korean rap anthem.

Battle rap legend Dumbfoundead is making moves, having formed his new record label "BORN CTZN." Not only that, the rapper premiered his latest music video featuring a slew of Korean rappers, including Dok2, Simon Dominic, & Tiger JK. The clip is visually striking, with many hilarious segments and homages to Korean culture. 

In an email interview with Complex, Dumbfoundead explains that “Hyung is a Korean term used by males to address another male that’s older or holds a higher position... I wanted to make a strong statement but make it light hearted by using images of babies, drag queens and giants to show that being a “hyung” is more of a mentality. Respect should be given only when received, not based on age/gender/race or sex." 

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