Drew Brees had the entire football world up in arms this past week after claiming that kneeling for the National Anthem was disrespectful to the flag and that people should be standing instead. Many of his teammates took to social media where they educated him on why he was wrong and eventually, they all had a virtual meeting to discuss the topic. Following this meeting, Brees apologized for his comments and even lectured President Donald Trump on why we should stop talking about the flag.

According to reporter Nick Underhill, Brees was overcome with emotion while apologizing to his teammates as he never meant to hurt them with his words. In the meeting, Brees did everything he could to make amends and listened to his teammates talk about their experiences with black men and how their protests can make a real difference.


Being able to sit down and have a real dialog about these issues is how we are going to be able to move forward as humans, so hearing that this is what Brees did with the Saints, is certainly a positive development. 

Brees isn't the only one apologizing for his stance on peaceful protests. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell recently came out in support of the players and noted that the league was wrong with their handling of Colin Kaepernick four years ago.