It's been a slow news month for the NBA although that didn't stop the NCAA from getting into the mix and implementing what would eventually be called the "Rich Paul Rule." Essentially, the rule stated that you must have a Bachelors degree in order to represent an NCAA athlete which ultimately discriminated against agents like Paul who had made their own way through alternative routes. Many NBA players and analysts rushed to the defense of Paul, while the Klutch Sports founder wrote his very own op-ed about it all.

After Paul gave the NCAA a piece of his mind, the organization changed its new rule so that those without degrees can still work with college athletes. In a recent interview with TMZ, Klutch Sports athlete Draymond Green spoke about the NCAA's decision and how he's happy they did what they should have from the start.

"They did what was right. Rich applied that pressure to 'em, though," Green explained. "I just feel like it wasn't really gonna affect Rich ... but it was gonna affect the next Rich."

Green makes a good point considering Rich Paul's blueprint is one that will most likely be followed for generations to come. If the NCAA continued with their new rule, they would have been putting many people at a disadvantage which is truly something you never want to see.