Drake is one of the most accomplished artists of all time. We're pretty lucky to be witnessing his historic run at the top of the industry. Whether you like him or not, you have to respect that he's built an insane amount of success in his career. He has hinted that he doesn't see himself continuing once he passes a certain age but while he's still making music, he's bound to give it his all. Drake has a team around him that is multi-talented. Clearly, he's got a budding filmmaker on his side because this Los Angeles tour recap is some of the most spectacular stuff we've seen this year. 

The "Nonstop" and "Sicko Mode" filled clip starts as Drizzy performs in front of one of his L.A. crowds. He did a handful of shows in the city and each one brought a different surprise to the table. The shock this time is how elaborate the artist decided to make his recap on Instagram. For a minute-long clip, we go through twists and turns as if we're watching a sci-fi blockbuster. The scorpion on the stage ends up coming to life a few seconds after you think you're watching a regular video, breaking through the Staples Center and destroying the City of Angels. The Hollywood sign and other landmarks were not given a pass by Drake's Scorpion. Everything is fair game.

There's even a cameo from the yellow Ferrari in "Yes Indeed" as it flies through the window to Staples. Serious props to whoever created this for Drake. This is awesome. Watch the recap teaser below.