Drake's stature as one of hip-hop's most recognizable names means that he has been the source of inspiration behind the ambitions and sounds of countless young artists in the hip-hop, R&B and pop genres who are chasing their own dreams of stardom. However, if you're talking about Drake's music acting as inspiration, most people wouldn't have guessed that it extend to chicken wings bars in an area of Glasgow, Scotland.

The location, which is being called A Wing And A Prayer, is set to pop up in Finnieston and part of their DockYar Social this month. The Drake-themed cuisine will feature dishes such as Controlla Caribbean Chicken and Teriyaki wings with crispy shallots. There are even vegan option for all those Drizzy fans who don't meat or poultry.

The new food spot began as an idea from Too Gallus' creative director Barrington Reeves, who also took the lead on all the design and marketing for Glasgow's first permanent street food market. After discovering that he shared a love of hip-hop music with the vast majority of his clientele, he decided to branch out creatively and take advantage of this common ground.

"This seemed like a natural marriage of our two passions – food and music," Barrington told Glasgow Live. "We’ve really been able to push the boundaries creatively, coming up with fun and quirky ideas that most big agencies would shy away from. I always like to let a little bit of myself and my personality come through in projects but this has allowed me to take it to another level."

At the core of A Wing And A Prayer's appeal, as far as Barrington is concerned, is the new spin on the kind of food that patrons can admittedly get almost anywhere. "A lot of similar street food markets have been reserved, quite pretentious and gentrified. We wanted something more fun and fresh."

The DockYard Social launches between November 30th and December 3rd, with tickets close to being sold out. Affordability will be the order of the day as well, with a £5 ticket taking care of entry and a drink (beer, cocktail, etc.) on arrival, while all dishes will be priced at £5 too.