Drake won't be caught wearing fake jewelry, even when he's playing a character in a music video. According to TMZ, the Toronto rapper's gold-gleaming grills worn in the intro skit to his "In My Feelings" video cost him $14,000. Drake reportedly commissioned the piece from hip-hop's favorite jeweler, Ben Baller, requesting it be made with pure platinum and 18k gold; higher quality materials than your average grills are made from. Drake is said to have wanted the gold look in order to represent New Orleans, the city and culture celebrated in the video.

The grills reportedly arrived four days before the video was shot, with the order going in to Ben Baller just three weeks ago. This isn't the first time Drake has commissioned jewelry from Baller. Last year, the rapper had a couple of chains made by the jeweler -- one with Italian brand Stone Island's compass logo and one with the OVO owl symbol.

Drake's "In My Feelings" has spent the last three consecutive weeks at No. 1 on the Hot 100. With the release of the video last week, it's expected to hold on to the top spot for at least one more cycle. Last month, the song broke the U.S. record single week streams.

Watch the clip, featuring Drake's expensive new purchase, below.