"In My Feelings" was probably Drake's most popular track last year evidenced by the viral dance trend it launched. The wave is still moving forward in 2019. Oprah hopped on the train recently and now, Kidz Bop is taking over. Not only did the children perform adorable dance moves to the song, but they also sang along. Lyrics were changed in the family-friendly rendition. The full-length video is available for streaming and potential laughter after the jump.

The Kidz Bop version includes a small alteration to the original hook: "KiKi do you love me/are you with me/say you'll never ever leave from beside me/cause I want ya/and I need ya/and I'm down for ya always." The City Girl's part was also modified. "All of us kids and we hangin' in the rain/hangin' in rain/I need a black card with the code to the safe/code to the safe."

Although the Kidz Bop music video was released during Scorpio SZN back in October 2018, Twitter seems to have caught wind the prepubescent production recently. Social media users reacted with sentiments spanning from humorous delight to straight up outrage. One Twitter user called the performance a "curse." View some of the online action below.