We all have a friend who borrowed a DVD, book, or even a clothing item that they've yet to return. Most people forget about it after a certain amount of time, which appears to be the case for Drake and his DVD set of The Chappelle Show. The rapper took to Instagram yesterday where he revealed that his friend, D10, finally returned the copy after 15 years. "I let D10 borrow this in like ‘07,” Drake wrote on his IG Story, along with a photo of the DVD. “Man sent me a text said I can have it back now.”

Rich Fury/Getty Images 

As Complex noted, D10 is actually Drake's musical director and has been for the majority of the rapper's career. D10 is tasked with making sure Drake's live performances go smoothly. We can only imagine that Drake likely forgot about it over time, or, at the very least, purchased a new copy of the DVD. 

While Drake was clearly a big fan of Chappelle before he was ever put on, things came full circle in his career in December. Chappelle actually helped host a gathering at Drake's Toronto mansion in December where the Canadian rapper and Kanye West officially squashed their beef. Chappelle offered Drake the highest praises for the long list of accomplishments and milestones he reached throughout his career to afford such a luxurious home