Drake brought in a list of hip hop celebrities at this year's OVO Fest in Toronto, and among them were Diddy who was reunited with Ma$e on stage after nine years.  Talking about M-A-Dollar Sign-E, Drizzy talked about possibly signing him. 

In an interview with MTV, the YMCMB talent said that him and the Harlem rapper had talked about working together in the future, " Funny enough, me and Ma$e have just been talking about what the future holds, about what he wants to do," Drake told MTV News." 

Speaking about what Ma$e has brought to the game, Drake calls him "the original fly guy" and mentions that he wants to work with him, and references how Kanye West used him on Cruel Summer and is interested, "I would love to be involved...I know Kanye took an interest in Ma$e as well, because Ma$e is like the original fly guy...Those guys got out there and proved why there are who they are. Two kings doing what they were born to do."

Coming straight out and saying it, Drizzy says he wants to work with him, and told the Harlem World rapper that he hopes they work together soon, "I'd love to work with Ma$e to be honest. I told him, 'man I hope tonight's not our last conversation.' It's been cool, we kicked it and just went out and and got something to eat."