Drake is scheduled to perform tomorrow night, at the annual MTV VMAs, which take place in Brooklyn, New York. The rapper spoke to MTV about his upcoming performance, and shared his excitement to perform his new single off Nothing Was The Same.

You'll get to see Drizzy perform "Hold On We're Going Home" during the event, and after his rehearsal for the show he spoke on what to expect from his set. 

"I get to do the new record, I'm doing 'Hold On, We're Going Home' into 'Started From the Bottom,' so [it's] really just an exciting performance to show the range and also show the diversity of music on the album," the Toronto native said.

He added, "It's an incredible year to be a part of this with all of the KAWS design, it's just like the best possible thing ever. We just rehearsed and everything sounded great."

His performance will definitely bring the heat-- literally."We're blowing the stage up, I got things going off, I had to test with the fire marshall and it's gonna be good," Drake revealed. "I've been doing this for a while, pyro doesn't scare me. You know I'm ready, if you've ever been on stage with Lil Wayne, he likes explosions and they're loud you know, so I'm used to it." 

Finally, Drizzy said you'll see some of his Nothing Was The Same cover art on the stage. "I'm pretty much just trying to stay consistent. I released the artwork the other day, so you'll see a bit of that in there," he said of his upcoming set. "Just trying to set it off, September 24, that's all I'm focused on, this performance and then just going home to put some final touches on the album with 40 and that's it."

Catch it all go down Sunday, August 25th.