While Drake's "In My Feelings" certainly established Scorpion in the annals of summer 18', it would appear the "Keke" anthem has begun to lose steam. Luckily, Drizzy has an entire double album's worth of material on deck, and as such, has no shortage of material to join the likes of "God's Plan," "Nonstop," and "In My Feelings." According to a report from HHNM, the Michael Jackson assisted "Don't Matter To Me" has been officially submitted to pop radio, with the single appropriately slated for an October release.

True, "Summer Games" may have been a worthy contender, but how can one resist the allure of a posthumous MJ feature? The viral nature of "In My Feelings" may have set a high bar, but Drake has proven nothing if not resilient; somehow, the man consistently finds a way to land atop the charts. It's interesting to note that Drake has come to favor "Side B," at least with regards to commercial viability. Perhaps his next one will hail from the "rap" side.  

Does Drake have another hit on his hands?