Between plenty of rappers going in over the instrumental, and Drakelaunching the official video on Grammy night, "Started From The Bottom" has gained a lot of hype in the weeks following its release. In a recent interview, Drizzy gave us a bit of insight into what the track is about, as well as hinting at an upcoming official remix.

“It was about the misinterpretation of me as a person,” the OVO leader explained. “I feel like I don’t say enough and people have their own preconceived stories about what I’ve been through. I’m just sort of excited about that song. It means a lot to me and my friends and what we’ve done to get to this position.”

When asked about if he had a favorite version of the song, the Toronto rapper responded with "Not yet, because the official remix hasn't dropped."

As far as features on the remix go, Aubrey didn't name any names. Who do you think will show up on the track? Maybe Lil Wayne Or Rick Ross? We'll have to wait and see until more details arrive.

View the full interview below.