New reports have surfaced that Chris Brown and Drake will not face any criminal charges with regards to their alleged involvement in a massive nightclub brawl this summer in New York City. According to law enforcement sources, there is simply not enough evidence to move forward with a case against both stars.

Sources say that this excludes the artists from the investigation into the bottle-throwing fiasco at WIP nightclub on June 14th - meaning Chris Brown, Drake and members of their entourages will go scot-free, with no further investigation required.

Sources close to the case conclude that the surveillance video in the club was useless because it was so dark and blurry -- and further interviews conducted by the NYPD were inconclusive.

Many recall, Chris suffered injuries to his face from a flying bottle during the calamity from a bottle that was allegedly hurled from Drake's table. Several other people sustained injuries due to subsequent projectile bottle attacks, including bodyguards and random clubgoers.

Basketball star Tony Parker has already sued the club over the incident, claiming his eye was injured as a result of the brawl. He's demanding $20 million in damages.

According to Drake's lawyer Blair Berk, "Drake was never even a suspect so it's no surprise."