Many people were surprised that Joe Rogan managed to get Dr. Phil on his podcast. Somehow, he continues to get the most interesting guests on his show, which has to be a difficult feat considering how much content he puts out on a daily basis. We're still waiting on that Kanye West interview though! Yesterday, Phil McGraw was on the Joe Rogan Experience, speaking on a few of the hot topics that have surrounded him for years. You can all predict where this is headed.

Rogan asked Dr. Phil about Bhad Bhabie, not entirely understanding how she got so famous. The two spoke in disbelief about her come-up and, at the end of the day, Phil takes "no credit or blame" for her success. However, he has no clue how her level of fame has gotten to this point. "It makes no sense," said Dr. Phil repeatedly throughout the interview. 

You may recall that after the infamous "catch me outside" moment occurred on the show, Danielle Bregoli and her mother returned for a follow-up appearance. During that segment, there were no audience members present. McGraw says that both of them were surprised, having nothing to say because there was nobody to pander to. 

He admits that he's never heard any of her music, asking Rogan if she even has talent. "Have you heard any of her music," he asked. In case you were wondering, no, Joe Rogan has never listened to a Bhad Bhabie song. Watch the clip below.