After watching Marvel make a fortune by giving each of its extensive cast of superheroes their own movie, Lucasfilms is now doing the same with Star Wars. In addition to Episodes 7-9, they are producing a Han Solo spinoff currently scheduled for a May 2018 release. They are in the process of casting the film, and according to BirthMoviesDeath, their first choice for young Lando Calrissian is none other than Donald Glover.

As you might recall, Billy Dee Williams aka Gale Sayers portrayed Calrissian in the first Star Wars trilogy. Calrissian was a former pilot and administrator of Cloud City who ultimately assisted the Rebel Alliance in their quest to overthrow Imperial Forces.

Glover as Calrissian is far from a done deal, but intriguing to consider. His FX show "Atlanta" premieres on September 6th.