The Columbia Police Department in South Carolina has been a hot topic of conversation after they released a police sketch that looks exactly like DMX. The CPD claims that the sketch was made of an attempted murder suspect who reportedly shot a 27-year-old man following an argument. The State  reports that South Carolina Law Enforcement Division spokesperson Thom Berry said that witnesses shared with police that the suspect looked like DMX, so in turn, the sketch artist seems to have leaned heavily on an old photo of the rapper.

TMZ caught up with the rapper to get his thoughts on the sketch controversy, and DMX doesn't have a doubt in his mind that the police used his photo. "He look exactly like me," DMX said as he laughed. "Exactly like me. That sh*t is crazy." The rapper said he doesn't think it's possible that there is a wanted doppelganger out there. "I think they just f*cked around and took a picture of me, somebody drew a picture of me and they added hair to it. You know I'm on parole, man," he said before laughing again.