Yesterday was the memorial service for the late Craig Mack and DJ Scratch says he was the only "famous person" there.

"I’ve never been to a service for someone famous & I was the only famous person to show up. Very weird day today, but what puts a smile on my face is that Lil Bro was at peace way before he passed away. That’s what matters most to me," the three-time Grammy-nominated artist captioned a picture on Instagram.

The service took place at the Faith Baptist Church in Hempstead, New York and was organized by Alvin Toney. Alvin is the man that introduced Craig to Puff and got him a deal on Bad Boy after Craig left the hip-hop group EPMD. 

Scratch captioned another Instagram photo detailing how Alvin was working on a documentary for Craig and had filmed two hours of footage of the "Flava In Ya War" rapper right before he passed away. Craig died on March 12th at the age of 47 due to heart failure.

Only time will tell when we get to see the footage.