President Obama has been known to make a hip-hop or pop culture reference during various White House engagements. The President has previously compared his life to Jay-Z's during a fundraiser, he's responded to some of Nicki Minaj's rhymes, and he's even given Young Jeezy a shout-out. His latest hip-hop-related antics happened when he took the stage during a White House Correspondent's Dinner to DJ Khaled's single "All I Do Is Win."

The move made headlines everywhere, and now the man behind the track, Khaled, has spoken on the honor of sorts. Talking to MTV News, Khaled gave a shout-out to Obama. "Obama, I see you, and I appreciate you," the DJ said. Of his huge record, Khaled said, "'All I Do Is Win' is one of the biggest anthems of all time, I think, and it's a timeless record."

Khaled continued, "It represents winners, and Obama's a winner, I'm a winner, you're a winner. And it represents the people, and it's love and excitement, so shout-out to Obama."

When asked if he may transplant President Obama's opening into some sort of skit for his upcoming album, Suffering From Success, it sounds like it may be possibility. "I mean, I got to. I gotta utilize that with We the Best brand just getting bigger," he responded. "I got some things up my sleeve, so be ready for my new album."

Recently, DJ Khaled released "No New Friends" off Suffering From Success, with Drake, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross.

Watch footage of President Obama's entrance below.