DJ Khaled has been uncharacteristically quiet this past year, with his follow-up to 2017's Grateful still being kept closely under wraps. Still, knowing the endearing yet occasionally overbearing seafaring mogul, his next project can't be too far off. After all, Asahd will be eager to step back into the producer's chair. Absence aside, a business-minded individual like Khaled is never out of the game completely. In the interim, Khaled linked up with Diddy for a lavish man-date, in which talk of "major keys" and other entrepreneurial endeavors surely popped off.

Khaled chronicled their meeting on Instagram, sharing an image of the two of them conversing at a luncheon, before taking the conversation to the backseat. Should the gallery be detailed in chronological order, it would appear that they capped off their adventure with a dinner, in which the chef presented a platter of "dover sole" and "red deep sea snapper." Like children at a table, the two grown men seem to be enjoying the presentation with an innocent joie-de-vivre, as often exhibited when one is among close friends. It's unclear whether either party dared to dine on the catch of the day. 

From the sound of the caption, it seems like topics of business, fatherhood, and fitness were on the docket; the pair even decided to hit the gym afterward, capping off what was almost certainly a lovely evening. Should you enjoy the antics of Khaled and/or Diddy, be sure to check out images of their man-date below, courtesy of Khaled's Instagram.