DJ Carnage and Deadmau5 are currently in a dispute following a run-in they the two producers had at the Cemetery of Sound festival in Calgary, reports TMZ.

According to Carnage's account, Deadmau5 called a large number of security guards to be present between he and Carnage's sets. He also says Deadmau5 pushed him. "Deadmau5 just pushed me, and he called like 80 motherfucking cops to come take me out," he said. "Come on, you're a fucking p-ssy Deadmau5. I can't wait to see what you come up with. We got it on video, bro. You pushed me. I didn't even touch you. You're a pathetic fucking bitch."

"This is a moment where people like us -- the people who hate smart-ass dumbfucks -- to stand up," he continued. "Deadmau5, he got so spooked, he ordered about 20 security guards, because I had just finished my set, he was playing after me. And then I said "what's up Joel, you got anything to talk about? Because his tour manager was talking shit to Fresco... and he tried to shove me."

Deadmau5 has since responded in a message posted to Reddit. According to the producer, Carnage waited for him with a cameraman backstage, before pushing a security guard himself. Deadmau5 claims he just sat on the stairs and watched. His full statement can be read below.

heres what happened: i arrived mid way through carnages "set" or whatever the fuck it was, went to my dressing room to chill and grab a nature valley as i do and stayed there and dicked around on my phone. We had a 30 minute changeover, which means, when he's done... theres 30 minutes between his shit, and our shit... adding to that (because i knew he'd be a pain in the ass as he always is) we opted to throw No Mana on for an additional 20 minutes as a buffer so i dont have to deal with carnage and his trash entourage. 5 minutes until my showtime i leave the dressing room and make a straight line to the stage with my security (whos just one guy btw) Low and behold, theres fucking carnage ... hanging out by the stage like a fucking wook. his set was finished 40 minutes ago, but he chose to hang out there with his little buddies and a camera man because he knew id be making my way there at some point. He had no fucking business there.

he's not hard to miss, saw him about 10 feet before my walk on to the stage and veered to the right to avoid him so i can just get in my cube and do my shit... NOPE. he makes a fuckin dash in front of my security dude (stupid idea) to shove his dumb fucking ass in my face to yell "OH WHATS UP JOEL WHATS UP" of course i just kept walking, and Security dude, drew, put his arm out to keep that fucking moron out of my face. as i continued up the stairs, i could hear the fray behind me... carnage made the stupid mistake of pushing a security guy... yeah. dumb. and then a whole shitload of event security more or less got involved because he was acting like such a fucking baby, screaming threats, being an all around disrepectful piece of shit asshat. i just sat on the stairs of my cube and watched. was pretty satisfying. my only regret was that him or his posse didnt get knocked the fuck out for pushing those security dudes. but whatever.

moral of the story is, he sat there with a camera guy just to make a scene to get his petty 15 minutes. I hope other venues catch him on his dumb shit and drop him out of the bookings in general. dude doesnt deserve anything.

online banter is one thing.... but if you puff your chest and start getting all shovey mctitties at events, you're fucking asking for it. grow the fuck up dude.

there is a positive outcome to this, i actually didnt hear him yell "fuckin faggot!" this time. i'll give him that.

dying to see what his paid paparazzi bitch "caught on camera" tho. uncut. he wont.

This is not the first time the two musicians have clashed. In March 2016, Carnage reportedly used a gay slur to refer to Deadmau5 in an interview after his performance at Ultra Music Festival. The two went back and forth on Twitter before Carnage apologized for his use of the word on Twitter. "Using the term "faggot" was wrong and I apologize to anyone that took offense, I didn't mean to offend anyone," he wrote. "I will never use that term again... I'm sorry but being a homophobe is just not me..."

Carnage released the Young Martha EP with Young Thug in September.