DJ Akademiks is probably one of the most polarizing internet personalities in the hip-hop space. Starting with his YouTube channel The War In Chiraq, the Rutgers University grad used to comment on the Drill scene in Chicago which included both the music and the gang violence. That channel caught the eye of many in the Drill community who looked at Akademiks as a person who was profiting off the culture. To be fair, he was simply reporting the news, but since then, Akademiks has amassed over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and is a co-host on the popular internet show Everyday Struggle.

Thanks to his high profile, his opinion has been under a microscope for a long time and some rappers have taken exception to him. For instance, who can forget when Vic Mensa called him a "bitch" on Everyday Struggle which ultimately led to the two having a longstanding feud.

Most recently, Akademiks was streaming a game of "Fortnite" on Twitch and he decided to address the rappers who have been publicly threatening him on social media. Ak basically says that many of these rappers have been calling him out for years, but haven't done a single thing about it and that they aren't very smart for making public threats.

In the video below, scroll to 5:40 to see the full scope of what Ak had to say on the matter.

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