Dizzy Wright has been deemed by many to be the next big rapper on the come-up, and last night it was made 'official' in the sense that the Funk Volume rapper was named an XXL Freshman of 2013, just a year after his fellow FV rapper Hopsin.

In a new interview with Bootleg Kev, Dizzy speaks on putting Las Vegas on the map for hip-hop, as well as working with the Funk Volume crew and whether or not he'd be interested in signing a major label deal.

On giving his city of Las Vegas some shine, Dizzy says, "It's cool, 'cause I know everybody in the city seen the growth. Like everybody know me from high school, young cat just running around doing all the shows, just building. It's been a building process, and pretty much with YouTube and being heavy on the internet, everybody's been growing with me."

Dizzy plans on sticking with his independent label for awhile, as he says he has no interest in a major label at this time. "The only thing that comes with like the majors, is having to deal with all the people. So right now, how I'm feeling, right now no," Dizzy said. "Just simply because I like to keep my circle small, and everything is just hands on right now and not all over the place, and I just like it like that right now. Right now I feel like being independent is the best thing 'cause I like to have all the creative control and I don't have to deal with a lot of niggas and my shit is just real organized and solid and I just wanna build that."

Dizzy recently dropped a new track featuring Joey Bada$$, "Maintain," which will be featured on his upcoming mixtape. Although we don't have many details on the project yet, the rapper revealed he is pushing for a June release. "I'm pushing for June, it might be sooner, shit, it might be later, but around that time," he said.

Check out the full interview below.