A person does not solidify a fortune without making a few difficult decisions down the way. Sometimes, said decisions might play a role in sinking a venture. Of course, for Diddy, a prominent figure in the race to coveted "billionaire" status, a series like The Four feels like a means to an end. An optional one at that. As it stands, new reports seem to suggest that the FOX talent show The Four is in jeopardy, with Diddy at the epicenter of the debacle. Page Six indicates that his salary of $1 million dollars per episode is proving too cumbersome a beast to bear, especially given that the ratings haven't exactly been stellar.

According to the report, Diddy, who stars on The Four's panel alongside DJ Khaled and Meghan Trainor, is unwilling to negotiate. Of course, the tidings arise from an "insider," who claims “they’re not bringing the show back because of that. the decision isn’t definite yet, but it’s not likely that it will return.” Of course, this contradicts Diddy's earlier claims, which signal a healthy working relationship with FOX; ultimately, only time will tell whether The Four lives on. 

Apparently, the producers feel like Diddy is the backbone of the series, and thus, irreplaceable."We have a huge amount of respect for [Diddy,] and he has been central to ‘The Four,'” a rep for Fox allegedly stated. “We would not do another installment without him. We have a partnership that has worked well for both of us, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with him and his company.” Still, waning ratings remain a risk, and given these new rumors, it's difficult to ascertain whether The Four will return for a third season, or simply go the way of the dodo.