Earlier today, DJ Scratch revealed that he was the only famous person at Craig Mack's funeral. It was weird considering how much love he was shown after his death. Many people sent their condolences and tributes about the rapper which made it even more weird that none of them even showed up. Diddy and Eric Sermon were among the people who caught flack, but apparently, it's not their fault and has more to do with Craig Mack's religious community.

DJ Scratch took to Instagram for a second time today to clear up the air. Apparently, Craig Mack's religious community prohibited his friends and family from attending his funeral, which included his closest associates. Diddy was apparently caught by surprise when Scratch told him about the funeral. What might be even more strange is that he said Diddy offered to pay for the funeral and was denied by Mack's religious community.

"When I left Craig’s memorial service I called @Diddy to thank him for giving Craig the platform for the world to know Craig Mack’s music." He wrote, "I told him I just left the service, he said “They buried Craig already, what service are you talking about?!?”. He didn’t know about the memorial service. @diddy offered to pay for Craig Mack’s funeral, but the religious community Craig was in declined. None of his Friends or colleagues were allowed to attend his funeral. Diddy respected their wishes."

Scratch went on to praise Diddy for giving Craig Mack an opportunity and having faith in his talents. 

Peep the full post below.