Mother's Day brought the best in our favorite celebrities this past weekend. Many took it to social media to share their love for their mothers, sisters, aunts and baby mothers. And despite the celebrations, it remains essential to honor those who don't get to cherish the moment with their mother or related tie because of an untimely death. As previously reported, business mogul and Hip Hop pioneer Diddy has been experiencing difficulties since losing his children's mother, Kim Porter. The jack-of-all-trades took his grief to social media numerous times, keeping it transparent with his pain surrounding the loss. 

As such, the producer shared a photo of his late ex-wife via his social media account to honor her on Mother's Day. The post was linked to the following caption: "I FUCKIN MISS YOU SO MUCH. Happy mother’s DAY 🖤." While Diddy also ensured to post the other women in his life, which included his own mother, it is heartbreaking to see he won't get to celebrate this Mother's Day with Kim Porter. Furthermore, the post led to numerous comments by both close friends and fans, wishing the rapper healing from his loss. Prayers up emojis and hearts also flooded the picture's comment section.