Diddy has been among the highest earners in hip-hop for years, but you don't get to that spot without taking a few risks. With the sure-to-be-legendary Mayweather-Pacquiao fight fast approaching, we were expecting some rappers to put some money down on the match-up, but it'll be tough to top Puff's wager.

In a new Instagram video, Diddy and AquaHydrate business partner, Mark Wahlberg have decided to bet $250,000 on the fight, with Combs siding with the Money Team (Mayweather), and the Oscar-nominated actor sticking with Pac-man (Pacquiao).

Naturally, they end the clip with a toast of their luxury water, and seeing that the money could technically go right back into the business, this was definitely another smart business choice from Puff.

Watch the clip below.