A snippet from Vic Mensa 's free show at University of Cincinnati Saturday night has caught some attention over a line about Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty. Mensa, who performed a few brand new songs according to a fan at the show, debuted a bar that seems like a pretty clear shot at Lil Boat.


Yeah I signed to the Roc
Now they say I'm Illuminati
Bitch I'm a tsunami
What the fuck is a Lil Yachty?

This is the first we've heard of any problems between Vic Mensa and Lil Yachty. However, this is far from the first time Yachty has been targeted. The rapper is a divisive figure within rap, both for his untraditional musical style and his blatant trolling of rap purists, who tend to be his biggest detractors.

In the past, Yachty has tended to laugh off beefs rather than engage with them. He has sent out one tweet that could potentially be a response to Vic, though it's too vague to tell.


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