Pavin Smith, a 21-year old first baseman, ranks as the number one prospect in the Arizona Diamondbacks' system but that's probably not why you've come across his name this week.

The highly touted prospect gave his parents, Tim and Pamela, a letter on Christmas morning, revealing that he had paid off the mortgage of their home where he grew up. 

Smith, who grew up in South Florida and went to college at the University of Virginia, was drafted 7th overall in the 2017 MLB draft and received a $5,016,300 signing bonus as part of his deal. As it turns out, he used that money to give his parents a gift they'll never forget.

"Thank you for raising me in a great home filled with love. Because of all the sacrifices you made to get me where I am, I want our family home to be yours," read the letter.

Check out the footage below.