Dez Bryant has been open with his fans on Twitter about what he's been through over the last few years and how he wants to play in the NFL again. After being released by the Dallas Cowboys, Bryant had a short stint with the New Orleans Saints, although he quickly suffered an Achilles injury. Since then, Bryant has been looking to get healthy, while also making sure that his mental health is fully in order

Over the weekend, Bryant gave his thoughts on Andrew Luck's sudden retirement and also divulged some interesting information about his future in the league. Bryant tweeted then deleted a post saying he turned down a massive contract from the Baltimore Ravens because he felt he couldn't live up to the deal.

“I turned down 30+ million from the ravens… all because how I felt and I wasn’t going to disrespect their organization and myself,” the tweet said, according to “I know what I can do if my mind and body is on the right track.”

That's a lot of money for any person to turn down but you have to give it to Bryant for having the integrity to turn down such a deal, knowing he wasn't healthy enough to meet the expectations of such a contract. Considering he deleted the tweet, there is no way to confirm such a contract was ever offered but if it was, then Bryant must be wondering what could have been.

It will be interesting to see if he can find himself back in the league within the next year or so.