The man who once gave us a top-five-of-all-time Nardwuar interview is back with another gem. Desiigner recently sat down with Montreality to discuss a wide array of topics, ranging from the playful (Pokemon, favorite cartoons) to the serious (Life Of Desiigner, his music career). As usual, Desiigner brings his unparalleled energy and exuberance, firing off more sound effects than an actual rain forest. Still, behind the wild persona is an artist, and the highlights come when Desiigner breaks down the science behind his craft. Plus, for everyone who still believes in the young Panda emcee, he drops off a few exciting teasers about his upcoming project.

But first, Desiigner is quick to shout out Call Of Duty, calling it one of his  favorite games of all time. "Modern Warfare series, ya dig, the Black Ops series, Advanced Warfare," says Desiigner. "The Halo series, Mario Kart...GTA man...Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the best of all time. Def Jam Fight For New York, we could go on!" Clearly, the rapper has some good taste in games. It's too bad they don't remake that Def Jam game, as it would be fun to see a digital Desiigner running around, fighting people and shit.

Eventually, he speaks about Kanye West, claiming the producer is "staying focused," but promises "the album about to be crazy." On that note, he moves onto his own album, and his excitement kicks into overdrive. "I set it up like a movie, it's like your favorite movie," says Desiigner. "Wait for it! LOD going to be crazy...Ye put his input, Pusha T sat down, put his input call you all night if he feels there's a switch, it gets crazy, heck yeah." 

Ultimately, Desiigner advises more of the same - patience. But if you believe in GOOD Music, you'll know that he may very well be sitting on something special. Catch the full interview below.