Desiigner is usually always in a good mood with a grin so wide you can't help but smile at the same time. But things have changed for the "Panda" rapper who is straight pissed after a Scandinavian Airline flight attendant kicked him off his plane last night. According to TMZ, an older woman who works for the airline got handsy with him, causing him to spazz out and be removed form the plane. 

Desiigner has been banned from the airline, also referred to as SAS, for a whole year and basically blames the whole event on racial profiling. "The sad part is I be chillin, it's always something I will get, you feel me, they always try to make the black man try to pull the white card and it's like, yo I'm tired of trying to be victim to that shit but people really be trying to make you feel like that," he says in the video below.

A representative from the airline told TMZ that an issue did happen on a plane last night, detailing how a passenger was acting in a threatening manner towards the crew and how such behaviour is not accepted - Desiigners name was not noted.