In today's day and age, comedy can be quite accessible from a number of different platforms. Back when Vine existed, users boasted thousands of followers who would simply subscribe to any given account to get a laugh from a six-second clip. Now that Vine is out, Instagram is seemingly the go-to platform for short comedic videos which has coined the term 'Instagram comedian.'

Although lots of these kinds of users (you can probably think of at least three) have tons of followers and interactions and re-shares, according to the 21 Jump Street actor DeRay Davis, it doesn't make you a true comedian. 

"I can't say they're comedians, I mean we know what comedians are. Jerry Lewis was a comedian and stand-up, Richard Pryor - comedian and he did movies," he said, as seen in the clip below.

"Instagram...if they're doing standup comedy on their Instagram then they are a comedian but if they're doing skits then you're a skitter."

He added: "To say you're a comedian is a big deal - I'm not a politician but I could talk about politics all day."

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