It's NBA All-Star Weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina so you already know things are lit out there. The stars are out with many of them seen courtside during today's events. J. Cole is among the rappers that showed face this weekend. The rapper pulled up to the dunk contest this evening where fellow Fayetteville native paid homage to the rapper by rocking Cole's basketball jersey from high school.

J. Cole got to be apart of this evening's dunk contest during NBA All-Star weekend which takes place in his home state of North Carolina. Dennis Smith Jr., who's also from Fayetteville, called on the rapper for some assistance during the dunk competition. Smith paid homage to Cole by rocking the rapper's high school jersey but Cole also got in on the action. Dennis Smith Jr. had the rapper, who was dressed in a tie-dye hoodie, sit on a chair on the court and lob him the ball while jumping over Cole. Smith earned a perfect score of 50.

After Smith did his thing, Cole decided to get in on the fun. The rapper took the ball from Smith and tried to dunk the ball which he ultimately flubbed on. 

With the All-Star weekend taking place in Charlotte, the NBA tapped Cole to perform during tomorrow's halftime show. Meek Mill will also be performing so keep your eyes peeled for that.