Confederate statues across the country are either being taken down or relocated as a result of the tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia involving a mob of white supremacists who were protesting the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue.

Just yesterday, the Tampa Bucs, Lightning and Rays released a joint statement regarding the movement to remove a Confederate monument from downtown Tampa. The three pro sports franchises dedicated funds to assist in moving the statue from the public space in front of the courthouse just hours after the county said that the $140,000 required to move the statue would have to come from private funding.

Additionally, this week the mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh, also removed a number of Confederate statues in the "best interest of the city."

As the movement to take down Confederate statues intensifies in the wake of the Charlottesville tragedy, some pro athletes have been asked to weigh in, including New Orleans Pelicans big man, DeMarcus Cousins.

TMZ recently caught up with Boogie at the airport to get his take on the removal of Confederate statues, as well as his opinions of President Trump. Cousins, who grew up in Alabama, didn't have a lot to say about the statues but he made his stance clear - "Take all them motherfuckers down."

When asked about the President, the All-Star center also didn't want to say too much, but he echoed a statement made by Kevin Durant yesterday, saying he doesn't respect Trump.

Speaking at "Kevin Durant Day" yesterday, KD told ESPN that he won't be attending the White House if the Golden State Warriors are invited, as is customary for championship teams.

Durant said, per ESPN,

"Nah, I won't do that," said Durant. "I don't respect who's in office right now."

Additionally, Durant alluded to the fact that his fellow teammates likely feel like same way he does about a potential White House visit.

LeBron James has also been outspoken about President Trump this past week, referring to him as "our so-called President" who made hate "fashionable" again.

Check out the TMZ footage of DeMarcus Cousins' comments about Confederate statues below.