Plans were put in place well before legislation passed allowing sports wagering across the United States. Delaware will be the first Governed State to follow the lead established by Las Vegas. The Governor shared his vision of Delaware becoming a prime destination for gamblers. The hope is that by offering the same betting options as Las Vegas, they open themselves up to a positive economic return. Delaware Park, Dover Downs Hotel & Casino and Harrington Raceway & Casino will accept single-game bets on baseball, football, hockey, basketball, soccer, golf and auto racing as of 1:30 p.m. next Tuesday.

Lottery systems generally ask gamblers to parlay their wager over three or more games. Up until now, only Las Vegas have offered the single bet format on site. Roughly $46 million was dispensed by Delaware residents using the State Lottery System to parlay bets on NFL games in 2017. They hope the added features will encourage different kinds of betting, and entice visitors from out of State to do the same.

On May 14, the Supreme Court threw away a protection act put in place in 1992, prohibiting state-sponsored sports betting. In doing so they have systematically invited all individual States to write up their own policy. Delaware Governor John Carney shared his enthusiasm over the ruling in a statement outlining his plan to collect additional revenue. "We're hopeful that this will bring even more visitors into Delaware to see firsthand what our state has to offer."

Gamble responsibly folks.