Death Row Record's former head of security sat down with VladTV to help clear up a few urban legends form the past. In the 9th part of their tell all interview, Reggie White Jr. doubled down on the claim that Biggie had in fact, sent goons to shoot up The Dogg Pound's "New York, New York" video shoot in Red Hook, BK. DPG member Kurupt was the first person from the Death Row camp to air this opinion - Reggie White Jr.'s  confirmation only adds fuel to the fire. This is what he had to say.

"Then we have the shooting where Biggie got on the radio and pumped up the Dogg Pound trailer getting shot up," Wright tells Vlad. "It wasn’t a bunch of shots, but a pop shot went in their trailer, it could’ve hit anybody. We really do feel that Biggie incited that."

White Jr. assumed Biggie's line of thinking and his voice when he stated, "Hey, how are you allowing them to film? They at such and such location filming this in New York," With that said, White Jr. doesn't appear to be seeking repentence, nor was Kurupt, when the theory was first brought to light. There's no way to confirm their suspicions, and no reason to resolve an issue that is completely dead in the water, for lack of a better term. Many point to the "New York, New York" as the breaking point to the Death Row-Bad Boy turmoil. You can watch the full segment down below.