Dave East has unfortunately fallen victim to an alleged nude photo leak. With technology evolving on a daily basis, it's become easy for people to manipulate your security and find private content that was not meant for the entire world to see. Especially when you live in the public eye, you need to be extra careful about everything you do. The New York-based rapper is the subject of a series of photos that are going around the internet that allegedly show him in the nude. Considering ladies (and some men) love to thirst over Dave East in his comments, fans were not too upset to discover the pictures on social media.

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Some people don't believe that the man in the shots is actually Dave East because of the absence of his leg tattoos. However, other people are just too busy drooling over the alleged leak and they're a little too shocked to comment on the situation. For those that did find the time to react on social, the general consensus appears to be that Dave East is a gifted man. If you're curious enough to check for yourself, there's a link floating around.

You might want to spend the day with your girlfriend and prevent her from using her phone for as long as possible. You don't want her stumbling upon these photos.