Danuel House made headlines for all of the wrong reasons just a couple of weeks ago after he was accused of having a female COVID tester in his bubble hotel room, which was against the NBA's strict rules. Following an investigation, it was revealed that House was guilty of the accusation and that he would be sent home permanently from the NBA bubble. Immediately following this expulsion, his Houston Rockets went out to the Los Angeles Lakers in just five games.

In a new report from Kelly Iko of The Athletic, the reporter explained that prior to leaving the bubble, House addressed his teammates and had a message for them. Simply put, he was sorry for his actions and the situation it put them in.

Danuel House

Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Per The Athletic:

"From what I understand, Danuel House apologized to the entire (Rockets) team before exiting the bubble. It was a bad decision made on his part, but one that didn’t just affect the team — it might have affected his future.

Now, the biggest question becomes his standing with the team. House violated the number one rule of veteran teams: trust. D’Antoni was a big fan of House, but he’s gone now."

At this juncture, it remains to be seen whether or not the Rockets will keep House aboard. Needless to say, this mistake could have costed him dearly.